Owners, know your rights.

Owners or their heirs may want to rent their house in the future for any number of reasons.

  • You’re empty nesters or single living in a large home without means to cover all your expenses
  • You’re in senior housing, assisted living or a nursing home without sufficient long-term care insurance, retirement income or assets to pay your living expenses and medical bills
  • Capital gains taxes are high and it doesn’t make financial sense to sell the family home right now
  • You want to come back to your home someday
  • Your heirs may not want to sell the house or long-term rent it because the earnings are much higher for STRs
  • You want to maximize your investment by renting extra rooms in your house

Balanced, effective regulations that are easily-enforced provides a win for everyone. If owners, neighbors and guests are all responsible for protecting the rights of others then there is an opportunity for everyone to be better off.

Read the Home Sharing Bill of Rights